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So far and yet so close.

A camping trip to Italy is one of the classics among the most popular road trip destinations and it is definitely worthwhile. The best thing about it is that you can camp in Italy all year round. The sun and the mild Mediterranean climate make it possible. Breathtaking landscapes, fantastic sandy beaches along the Adriatic Sea or exciting rock formations in the Italian Alps. In Italy everyone will find their dream spot, whether adventurer, peace seeker or culture lover – not least thanks to the Italian cuisine, which is one of the best in the world. Greetings from Bella Italia with more than 1500 campsites!

In the mountains

Mountains always have something magical – don’t you think? Then why don’t you let yourself be enchanted and plan a trip to the Dolomites? The rugged rock formations, which shine in a soft pink in the evening sun, radiate magic and are among the most impressive mountain ranges in the world. No matter whether you prefer spending a relaxed day or looking for your next personal challenge, you are definitely in the right place here. Wide valley floors with extensive alpine meadows or peaks that rise well over three thousand meters. The Sella Stock, the Drei Zinnen or the Seisseralm, Europe’s largest high alpine pasture. A mountain range could hardly be more diverse. Mountain biking, hiking, climbing, paragliding – if you love adrenaline you will also love the Dolomites.

Spending your camping trip in the Meraner Land and in the region around Bolzano is a little calmer but not less beautiful. The mountains are no longer that high, but they are covered with vines and apple orchards. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate even palm trees grow here. No matter whether you spend your day in Merano with its charming old town or in Bolzano with its mixture of tradition and modernity, enjoy the excellent Italian cuisine and try a glass of Italian wine.
Did you know that in South Tyrol there are some of the most beautiful campsites in the world? You think camping and wellness don’t go together? Not so in South Tyrol. Modern spa offers make even icy days an experience. You can go sun skiing during the day and pass the evening in one of the wonderful spas and you will see, South Tyrol is not only hot in the summer. Our tip: you should definitely try winter camping and don’t worry, our campers and motorhomes are well equipped to survive even the coldest nights.

Lakeside camping

When you think of Italy, you automatically think of Lake Garda (Lago di Garda). With a length of over 50 kilometers and a depth of more than 350 meters, it is the largest lake in northern Italy. Deep blue water, lemon trees, cypresses and the surrounding mountain landscapes which attract climbers from everywhere make Lake Garda an unforgettable experience. Do you love versatility? Then you are at the right place. No matter whether adventure in the north, exclusivity in the west, lively nightlife in the south or family-friendly atmosphere in the east – everyone gets their money’s worth here.

At the seaside

The Adriatic Sea is the symbol of Italy and vacation in general. Long sandy beaches, azure water and a wide range of leisure time facilities. XXL amusement parks in Jesolo, Binione or Cavallino promise fun for young and old. But there is also a lot to discover and experience in the heart of the Adriatic region, in the Bay of Venice. Explore new things every day during a camping trip along the beautiful Adriatic coast.

If you don’t mind taking the ferry you should have Sardinia, called “the real Italy” by many, at the top of your bucket list. The second largest island in the Mediterranean captivates its visitors with mountain landscapes, lonely bathing bays with turquoise-blue water, romantic fishing villages and charming old towns. You can’t but fall in love with Sardinia! By the way, there are enough campsites in Sardinia so that you can plan a round trip on the island in a relaxed manner.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss Tuscany, Italy’s most famous landscape with its rolling hills and vineyards. A region full of culture and indulgence. Art and architecture lovers get their money’s worth in cities like Pisa and Florence and nature lovers in the surrounding area. Tuscany is a region made for a camper tour. What are you waiting for? Our vehicles are ready.

Important information about the travel destination

Which documents do you need?

As a EU citizen or citizen of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you just need a valid identity card or passport to explore Italy’s most beautiful corners. If you don’t stay for longer than three months, you can easily travel without having to register. We recommend that minors under the age of 18 who are traveling without a legal guardian carry a permit with them.
If you bring your pet along, you should think of the EU pet passport. And your pet needs to carry a microchip or a tattoo for identification. Please note that a valid rabies vaccination is mandatory in Italy and you always have to carry a muzzle and a leash of no more 1.5 meters of length. If you are traveling to Italy with your pet via a non-EU country, please inform yourself about the specific regulations.


Please keep the regulations for consumer goods as well as for food and beverages in mind. Certain duty and tax-free allowances also apply within the EU for these product groups. If you exceed these tax allowance limits, you must declare this to customs and have your goods taxed.

Important traffic regulations

In Italy the drink-drive limit is 0.5, for drivers under 21 and novice drivers with less than three years of experience it is even 0.0. So don’t drink and drive in Italy. Don’t put yourself and others in danger!

In Italy, some right of way rules apply, especially at roundabouts and on mountain roads. In roundabouts incoming traffic always has priority unless indicated differently by traffic signs. On mountain roads vehicles traveling uphill always have right of way. When parking, you should pay attention to the color-coded zones. Blue zones are usually subject to charges, yellow markings show reserved parking spaces for certain drivers. You may not use these without permission. If you catch a parking space marked in white, you are lucky because you can park there for free. If you carry loads with you, for example your bikes, and have attached them to the rear, you must indicate this. But don’t worry, we have the special warning signs in stock for you.
Italy in winter – we would be happy to inform you about this topic separately, because there is no uniform legislation on this in Italy. Under no circumstances should you forget snow chains. These can become obligatory in snowy weather.
In order not to risk a fine, you should also stick to the permitted speed limits. With a vehicle of up to 3.5 tons of weight, the following applies: 50 km/h within city limits, 90 km/h outside of towns and villages, 110 km/h on expressways and 130 km/h on motorways. Watch out! Fines in Italy are much higher than in many other European countries.

General information

Be sure to plan a road toll budget for your trip through Italy. The majority of Italian motorways and tunnels are subject to tolls. Cash as well as credit and bank cards are accepted at the toll stations. On the A36, A59 and A60 tolls are collected in the Free Flow System. If these motorways are on your route, we will be happy to provide you with more information.


Camping in Italy

Of course, Italy offers you countless campsites. However, if you want to do wild camping, you should inform yourself in advance, because there are no generally applicable regulations but each region or municipality has own rules. However, after obtaining a permit, it is allowed in many regions to park your camper. There is also a large number of designated parking spaces for campers where it is allowed to park for free.