Camping in Germany

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Why travel far while some of the best destinations are nearby?

No matter if it’s a beach vacation at the coast of the North or the Baltic Sea, magnificent mountain landscapes of the alpine upland, or if you go for one of the uncountable lakes or mountainous regions like the Black Forest or Saxon Switzerland. Let you be enchanted by beautiful natural landscapes and lovely towns and villages. Germany offers more than 2900 campgrounds and motor camps, so everyone will find their perfect destination.

At the seaside:

Sandy beaches or cliff lines at one of the Baltic resorts – the coastal regions of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania have a lot to offer. You can go on long bike excursions or rest all day long at the beach in one of the roofed wicked beach chairs.
If you prefer a bit rougher climate, you shouldn’t miss Germany’s North Sea Coast. You can take a guided tour through the unique Wadden Sea, a UNESCO world nature heritage. Action lovers and water sports freaks don’t miss out here, either. Sylt, the queen of Germany’s North Sea islands, is perfect for kite- and windsurfing. By the way, champagne and oysters are at a premium here, too.

In the mountains:

You prefer spending your free time in midst impressive mountains? No problem! Start your ideal hiking or climbing adventure in the Bavarian Alps. Or experience German culture. Uncountable fairs and folk festivals where people wear traditional costumes give you an interesting insight in a way of life between tradition and modernity. Schloss Neuschwanstein is no insider tip any more but definitely worth a visit.

Germany’s low mountain ranges are less monumental but nevertheless they offer plenty of destinations in midst beautiful landscapes. You can visit for example the Black Forest with its dense forests, vineyards and romantic meadows. Or you take a trip to the ragged rock formations of the Saxonian Erzgebirge.

Lakeside Camping

Having a barbecue and enjoying a beautiful sunset at one of Germanys numerous lakes is one of the most romantic types of camping. Can you imagine anything better? In the lake district of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, for example, are more than 1000 lakes where you find ideal conditions for a romantic lakeside camping adventure. The best thing is that Germany’s capital Berlin is quite close and this vibrant city waits to be discovered.

And we shouldn’t forget Germany’s largest lake, Lake Constance, which extends over Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Don’t miss Mainau, an island where you can even admire orchids and palm trees.

What are you waiting for? Book your camper or your mobile home right now and start your camping adventure in Germany.

Important facts about the destination

Which documents do you need?

As a EU citizen or a citizen of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Switzerland you just need your valid passport to discover Germany’s most beautiful corners. If you don’t stay for more than three months you can travel without a visa.
If you bring a pet, don’t forget its EU pet passport. It’s important that your pet either carries a microchip or is tattooed and that this is visible in the passport. Also note that in some German states some types of pets are not allowed because they are considered dangerous. Inform yourself previous to your trip if a stay with your pet is allowed.


There are certain duty and tax-free allowances for consumer goods, food and luxury foodstuffs within the EU. If you exceed these allowances you have to declare your goods unrequested and pay customs.


Important road traffic regulations

In Germany the drink-drive limit is 0.5, for drivers under 21 or novice drivers it is even 0.0. So don’t drink and drive in Germany. Don’t put yourself and others in danger!

In Germany you have to store a high-visibility vest, a first-aid-kit and a warning triangle in your vehicle. When you rent a camper or a motorhome from us, don’t worry because we have prepared everything for you already.

If you’re on tour with your kids don’t forget that in Germany children under the age of 12 or smaller than 1.5 m must sit in a child car seat.
Those who do not wear seat belts not only put themselves in danger but also risk a fine. This is also the case for those who talk on their phone while driving. For making phone calls you need a hands-free speaking system in Germany. But don’t worry – all our campers and motorhomes are equipped with a hands-free kit.

Do you want your camper to see snow? No problem! But be aware that in Germany you need snow tires in the winter time. When renting one of our campers or motorhomes we are happy to inform you in more detail and also provide you with the right equipment.
If you don’t want to risk a speeding ticket stick to the speed limits: within city limits 50 km/h, on country roads 100 km/h. On the autobahn we recommend an average speed of 130 km/h. This is good for the environment and saves fuel. These regulations apply to vehicles that weigh up to 3.5 tons. All our vehicles are within this limit. And with a driver’s license class B, C or 3 you can drive all our vehicles.

Have you ever heard of our German environment zones and are asking yourself if you are allowed to drive within city boundaries? With our campers and motorhomes this is no problem. They all meet the requirements and carry the right certificate.


General information

In Germany there exist hardly any street charges. There are just a few tunnels which you need to pay for.
Cash is still widespread in Germany and is accepted everywhere. At ATM machines you can withdraw money with your credit or debit card 24/7 and free of charge. In almost all shops you can also pay electronically with your Visa- or Mastercard.


Looking for somewhere to just spend the night

You haven’t found a space on one of the beautiful campgrounds or motor camps? No problem. It is usually okay to spend a night in a parking lot. But this is usually tolerated only up to 10 hours and the aim is for the driver to regain his or her fitness to drive. Putting up your camping chairs and table and a barbecue is not allowed! Also, you should respect the parking rules and avoid impeding other motorists and pedestrians.